FGC Consulting LLC
Business Strategy
Business Strategy Services:
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Strategy and Operations Alignment
  • Performance Management and Measurement
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

A clear business strategy is critical for the success of your company. It provides focus to your business and helps you align your resources to achieve the expected results. We have developed a two level approach to define and execute the Strategy.


The first level (“Design”) is where all the analysis to determine the Strategy occurs. It has two main elements that are heavily interconnected: the Business Model and the Risk Analysis. The Business Model is where we identify and address the impact that key stakeholders and value drivers have in your company’s success. The Risk Analysis is where we evaluate all the different risks that your business would face. With the combination of those elements, we will help you build a robust Strategy for the company.

The second level (“Execution”) turns the Strategy into actionable plans, through two main documents: the Business Plan and the ERM Program. The Business Plan presents the long term projections of the company, focused not only on financial and operational data, but on key performance indicators linked to the Strategy. The ERM program identifies and addresses the impact of the critical risks that would impact your company as well as new value-creation opportunities. A detailed and thorough work at the Execution level will help you ensure that results are achieved through a consistent implementation of the Strategy throughout your organization.

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